PASE 2016 Conference

Multiculturalism, Multilingualism and the Self




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The theme of the conference is


Multiculturalism, Multilingualism and the Self


The submissions are welcome in the area of literature, culture studies, linguistics, applied linguistics, translation and teacher training.

The following topics are only our suggestions for presentations at the conference:

The multidisciplinarity of multiculturalism and multilingualism research

The contexts of multilingualism

Bilingualism versus multilingualism: the same or worlds apart

Multilingual language contact and cross-linguistic influences

Multilingual language acquistion and learning in a variety of contexts

The teaching of multiple languages: facilitation and challenge

The multicompetence of a language learner/user

Multilingual translation

The role of English in the multilingual world

Multiculturalism or/and interculturalism: Dreams and possibilities of cultural reunification

Rethinking multiculturalism: the successes and challenges of cultural pluralism

Literary representations of cultural/political conflicts and scenarios of their resolution

Narratives of conflict, narratives of reconciliation

Identity (personal, regional, communal, ethnic, national) in literary representations and cultural products

Wor(l)ds, voices, selves in-between cultures.


All those wishing to contribute papers or just to attend presentations are welcome to enroll in the conference. Presentation abstracts should be submitted by the 31st of January 2016 to the following e-mail address:

The registration form, including the presentation abstract, and the excel database file should be sent as an attachment to the above e-mail address, with the heading: or / or (depending on your presentation area).


Download PASE 2016 Registration form

Download PASE 2016 Excel Database